Turkey Now

A Beautiful interesting country, Mediterranean climate, a coastline with clear seas, picturesque villages, friendly people and fabulous food - mountains, rivers, hot-springs, skiing , sailing, hiking, rafting and history.

Turkey's friendly culture, Mediterranean climate and unparalleled value for money have made it a favorite Holiday destination for Millions of  People each year.  Many more have decide to live in this interesting country on a permanent basis.

The regions

The region between Bodrum and Fethiye (Turkish Turquoise Coast) is considered to be one of the most beautiful areas in Turkey. Mountains with olive groves provide a backdrop to alternating cliffs and sandy beaches.

The Region between  Fethiye & Alanya provides breath taking view of Beaches, Mountains and History


Voyage is a Mediterranean classic for yachting and sailing through of the Aegean and the Mediterranean. The waters that once were the medium of trade for ancient civilizations. The numerous boat, gulet and yacht services that you would give yourself opportunity to explore the silent and relaxing bays, hidden coves, and warm yourself under the Mediterranean sun. A "Blue Cruise" is -first of all- a lovely escape from the drabness of daily life for a period. On the Blue Cruise one sails along the southwestern Turkish coastline, into solitary bays, crystal clear and virgin waters, picturesque small villages and places of antiquity. Wherever you come from and however old you are, after a week or two at sea, you'll become one heart with the nature. Both flesh and spirit will be healthy and happy.






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